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Immerse yourself in these dramatic landscape paintings

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Gracefully carved wooden birds can masterfully adorn a blank mantle

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Whether to work, a casual get-together or for a night on the town, we have something for every occasion

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Ceramic wall hangings to add a dynamic centerpiece to your living space

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Captured vast landscapes in stunning panoramas or the passing of a ferry in the bay

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Insect Art

Assemblage pieces of insects and random objects

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Maine Jewelry

If you’ve lived in Maine, you know it’s a special place.


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Tegan Curry

Maine jewelry designer creating pieces to wear at the office or a night on the town.

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Jason Morrissey

Glass. Metal. Jewelry. Jason is a true craftsman.


We Are Four Maine Artists Representing Ourselves and the Work We Create
When you purchase our products you are directly supporting the artist

We bring our work directly from our studios to the gallery we own, work and represent. When you step into Fore River Gallery we are here to greet you, answer your questions and explain the work we've created. We are not here to ‘sell’ you our products, we are here to help you find a piece of art that that belongs in your home and brings you a sense of joy when you look at it.

The Artists


Liz Marks

Specializes in beautiful crafted ceramic wall pieces. Website coming soon.


Uses a wide range of materials and different styles to create bold sculptures. tjmcdermott.com

Elizabeth Prior

Creates classic jewelry. epriordesign.com

Mike Marks

Creates stunning landscape paintings. Website coming soon.

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